Bring some Wii U in your application!

GamePad integration made easy.

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unique_ptr<drc::Streamer> streamer(new drc::Streamer());

// I've got some video!
streamer->PushVidFrame(pixels, width, height,

// I've got some audio!

Open source. Community driven.

libdrc is released under the New BSD License and developed by a community of developers and reverse engineers. Whether you are interested in improving performance, feature support or documentation, your contribution is appreciated!
Note: the project is not affiliated with Nintendo® and do not claim ownership on any of their trademarks (Wii U, Wii U GamePad).

Open source

Written in C++. Compatible with Linux.

Windows and OS X support planned. Want to use C instead? Not a problem, libdrc exports its main features through a thin C wrapper library.

Supports most of the major features.

Stream audio and video to your GamePad. Buttons, sticks and touchscreen work like a charm. Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass should work soon. Your imagination is the limit!

Buttons and sticks


Performance matters and live video encoding is expensive. libdrc tries to parallelize CPU heavy tasks as much as possible to provide the least overhead for applications.

Standalone, easy to integrate.

No dependency on huge frameworks: adding basic libdrc support to your existing application can be done in less than 10 minutes! Give it a try.